Solowheel Riding Lessons

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We know you. You want to try the Solowheel before you commit to buying one, right?

Well, here's our plan. You come let us teach you everything we know about the Solowheel from two and a half years of daily riding experience. We have given 1000s of individuals the opportunity to experience the Solowheel safely.

Our training techniques help speed up the process of "getting" the Solowheel. We help make it easy and fun. We believe that if you can ride  bicycle, you can ride a Solowheel. It's actually easier!

We can loan you a helmet and gloves, or bring your own.

Your test drive lesson will last ~45 minutes for an individual.

Here's the idea. If you end up buying a machine from us, you will be refunded the cost of your first test drive fee. How's that sound? 

We are so convinced that this Washington state invention is going to greatly improve your life as it has ours.

Call us 844-765-6945 for your appointment or schedule online:

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